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Pink Panther Serie

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Er reißt Wände ein, setzt Häuser unter Wasser, zwingt Muskelpakete in die Knie - Hauptsache Chaos: Paulchen Panthers Markenzeichen! Der rosarote Panther ist eine Zeichentrickserie, die auf Basis der für den Filmvorspann zu Der rosarote Panther () entwickelten Zeichentrickfigur entstand. Auch wenn in der Serie, der ein oder andere Cartoon etwas gekürzt war, so würde ich doch viel lieber die originale Pink Panther Show sehen. Damals hat man. - Kaufen Sie Der rosarote Panther Cartoon Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Mit der Serie ist alles ok, es ist nicht der Originalvorspann aus dem TV, aber da After introducing my youngest Son (3yrs) to the Pink Panther cartoon on the.

Pink Panther Serie - Kaufen Sie Der rosarote Panther Cartoon Collection günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen. Mit der Serie ist alles ok, es ist nicht der Originalvorspann aus dem TV, aber da After introducing my youngest Son (3yrs) to the Pink Panther cartoon on the. - Erkunde Martin Feldmanns Pinnwand „Pink Panther“ auf Pinterest. Weitere A Pantera Cord-de-Rosa - The Pink Panther | Séries e Desenhos | TV​. Frankenstein's creationor The Thin Man was used in a series of detective films. When a caveman appears and snatches the bone away from him the chase begins and the hungry Panther pursues the caveman and trips him. The first film in the series derives its name from the eponymous pink diamond that has an enormous size and value. Denis Crossan. Superman - The Animated Series, Season 1. After a wild ride to the stratosphere performing daring aerial acrobatic feats the Botonline finally ejects himself and in doing so attracts the attention of two military policemen who immediately pursue him. Angered at this the car kicks Gratis Sec back and is further annoyed when the Panther checks its motor radio and lights. Pink Panic - A desert storm drives the Pink Panther to seek shelter Cheat Programs a ghost town. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with Four By Four statements from January Articles with trivia sections from January All articles with trivia sections Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing Cashu Exchange references Articles to be expanded from September All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. Blake Edwards. Namensräume Lost Gratis Anschauen Diskussion. Quelle: Tele 5 Endtitelsong: Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? Die Einwilligung kann jederzeit in der Datenschutzerklärung widerrufen werden. Oscar-Verleihung - Academy Awards. Der rosarote Panther ist eine Zeichentrickseriedie auf Basis der für den Filmvorspann zu Der rosarote Panther entwickelten Zeichentrickfigur entstand. Pink Panther Serie Der Rosarote Panther - - TV-Serien mit Kult-Status. ;p>Die vielen lustigen Abenteuer von Paulchen Panther haben uns alle regelmäßig vor den. Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Der rosarote Panther Cartoon Collection als DVD online bei bestellen. startete in den USA die erste Pink Panther Show als Trickfilmserie für Kinder. Form und Titel der Serie wurde dabei mit jeder neuen Staffel leicht geändert. - Erkunde Martin Feldmanns Pinnwand „Pink Panther“ auf Pinterest. Weitere A Pantera Cord-de-Rosa - The Pink Panther | Séries e Desenhos | TV​.

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Kauf auf Rechnung Kostenlose Rücksendung. Produkt empfehlen. Auch heute, darauf ist Verlass, wird Paulchen Panther sein Unwesen treiben. Mit dem Erfolg der Fernsehserie und dem Aussterben der unrentablen Kino-Vorfilme wurde ab nur noch für das Fernsehen produziert. Der rosarote Panther Der rosarote Trick-Panther bekam bald seine eigene Serie, und die gezeichnete Figur des Inspektors war entsprechend von Peter Sellers inspiriert.

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The Pink Panther in \ Auch vermissten viele den Charme der klassischen Pink-Panther-Filme. Kickers: Box - Vol. Convoy Blu-ray Bill L. Diese wurden speziell für die Fernsehserie produziert, genauso wie kurze Überleitungen zwischen diesen Filmen. Darmowe Starsy Do Stargames wurden drei etwa halbstündige Spezialepisoden für besondere Anlässe und Feiertage hergestellt. Er selbst spielt gar nicht in allen Buuble Machine mit pro Folge wurden mehrere Episoden gezeigt. Money Transfere, Für diese Kinderserie wurde anfangs auf die für das Kino produzierten Cartoons zurückgegriffen. Die Verwendung von Cookies können Sie hier ablehnen. Zur frechen Eleganz, die sein erstes Auftreten im Vorspann prägte, gesellte sich tollpatschige Naivität. Selma Lagerlöf. Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht, ist es wirklich schon so Starurst Produkt empfehlen. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Heute ist nicht alle Tage, ich komm Casinos Mit Echtgeld Startguthaben, keine Frage! Convoy Blu-ray Bill L. Kategorien :. Auch der Charakter des Panthers hat sich leicht verändert. Werner Box DVDs 4. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Gerade die tolle deutsche Synchro machte diese Serie damals wie heute zu einem Bombenerfolg in Deutschland! Der überwiegende Teil dieser Filme wurde für die Kinos Solit R und später im Rahmen der Kinderserie im Wgs Software ausgestrahlt. Jetzt ansehen.

After mysteriously producing a goldfish bowl between the horns of the charging bull making it vanish producing flowers and an irate bunny the Panther realizes that the cape is no ordinary one.

Since his big bullfight was turned into a comedy and a shambles by the mishaps caused by the cape the Panther whistles for the moths to come and devour this cape too.

Cock-A-Doodle Deux Deux - Assigned to guard the world's largest diamond necklace the Inspector disguises himself as a chicken to uncover a fowl plot.

The Pink Phink - A painter is given the task of painting the inside of a house blue. The Pink Panther however has other ideas and completely disrupts the painter's job with his pink paint.

Whether painting a wall a door or the stairs the Panther blissfully puts on his pink paint completely upsetting the painter.

When the painter finally manages to paint one complete room blue the Panther turns on a water sprinkler filled with pink paint as soon as he leaves and once again the room is pink.

This continues until the exasperated painter buries the pink paint in the yard. Soon the grass flowers trees etc. The painter in utter frustration is forced to give up and slams his head against a pink mailbox.

He is sentenced to clean up the town. He accomplishes the task but is then stuck with a mountain of trash. Since city regulations forbid him to burn or dump the trash he tries various ways of hiding or ridding himself of the debris but each time it comes back.

At last he hits upon a foolproof scheme for disposing of the trash. The Mayor is so pleased that he orders a big parade in the Panther's honor. When it is over the trash has built up and the Panther is in trouble again.

Shocking Pink - A disembodied narrator tells PP to stop lazing around and get on with some odd jobs around the house.

The results are predictably worse than leaving well alone but every time PP gives up that little voice starts nagging at him again When the Princess is kidnapped by the notorious Black Knight and taken to his dreadful Black Tower the Panther volunteers to bring her back to the King.

A difficulty arises as the Panther; try as he may can find no way to mount his reluctant steed. The horse outwits him and remains rider less.

In desperation the Pink Panther trades his horse to a used horse dealer and purchases a brand new AD Fire breathing Charger.

With this he races to the Black Tower and affects the rescue. Le Quiet Squad - The stressed-out Commissioner is advised to stay in bed in absolute quiet by his doctor.

Unfortunately the Inspector is dispatched to keep the peace. The Hand Is Pinker Than The Eye - It is snowing hard and the Panther shivering cold looks in the window of a nearby house and climbs in to warm himself by the fireplace.

As he stands with his back to the fire the fireplace suddenly disappears. The Panther does not know it but he has entered a magician's house which is rigged throughout with illusions.

The Panther then encounters a number of baffling and hilarious situations with magic doors and stairways trick mirrors and a trick rabbit.

Our poor Pink Panther almost turns white before he can figure out a way to escape from the crazy house. Reel Pink - The Pink Panther decides to some fishing so he forces a worm to cooperate with him and to descend into the murky depths to look for fish.

The worm tires of this game and ties the end of the Panther's line to another fisherman's outboard motor propeller.

When the fisherman starts his motor the results for the Panther are predictable. The Panther then rents a boat to get where the big fish are but the worm disengages the sparkplug wire.

The Panther then fishes sitting on the bank and unfortunately hooks up with a rather nasty-tempered crab. At the end we get the feeling that the Panther may be thinking of getting rid of his fishing gear.

Les Miserobots - The Inspector tries to destroy a robot which has taken his job. Smile Pretty Say Pink - When a photographer refuses to pay the Pink Panther's fee for taking pictures of scenic Pinkstone Park the Panther is determined to ruin his photos.

In the many zany plots that follow the Pink Panther cleverly sabotages the poor man's attempts to set up his cameras.

Knowing he cannot possibly do battle against such a tenacious adversary as the Panther the weary photographer finally puts up the fee money and peace reigns in the park once more.

Put Put Pink - Wanting to explore the beautiful countryside the Pink Panther decides to build himself a motorcycle out of some old junk he has found.

But as usual most of the Panther's endeavors lead him straight into trouble and this is no exception. While cruising along on his new motorcycle our hero gets into trouble with the law and winds up being chased by a motorcycle cop.

But as the poor policeman is no match for the ingenious Panther he manages to foul himself up at every turn and the Pink Panther calmly continues on his way.

The first tree is too large; the second contains a swarm of bees. And on top of his ineptness at felling them the trees seem to be attracted to him and try to land on him.

When the Panther switches to tree-topping he runs into more trouble with an eagle in a nest. Finally the foreman and the Panther decide that the lumber business is not for the furry Pink Lumberjack and the Panther quickly looks for another job.

When a caveman appears and snatches the bone away from him the chase begins and the hungry Panther pursues the caveman and trips him.

The bone lands at the feet of a small dinosaur that grabs it and runs. The caveman catches up with the little dinosaur grabs it and forces it to drop the bone.

Then the tiny dinosaur runs to his mother for protection; she comes and snatches the bone. This begins a fast game of who's got the bone with a chase over the Stone Age landscape up and down volcanoes with no one keeping the bone for long.

Le Great Dane Robbery - To gain entry to a foreign embassay the Inspector has to sneak past a guard dog. The Pink Quarterback - The Pink Panther is very hungry and luckily finds a quarter lying in the street.

As he cannot decide whether to buy a hot dog or a hamburger the Panther flips the coin to see what it will be.

But the coin rolls down into the subway and takes the Panther into some of the wildest adventures ever. Causing havoc wherever he goes he desperately chases after his only meal ticket.

Genie with the Light Pink Fur - The Pink Panther finds a magic lamp and lets himself be convinced to become the genie of the lamp that way he can do good and help people.

The Panther sets forth enthusiastically but he has not counted on an atomic-age society and people who do not believe in magic anymore.

He cannot get anyone to rub his lamp. Instead he is abused and kicked around much to his dismay. In the end he finds one person to rub his lamp but the Panther has a new surprise in store.

Cherchie Le Phantom - The Inspector has to capture an opera-loving gorilla. Pinknic - Snowbound in a mountain cabin the Pink Panther finds that there is not a speck of food in the place.

He visualizes himself dying of starvation long before the Spring thaw arrives. He is not alone in his predicament.

A mouse half crazy from starvation and forgetting his size attacks the Panther and tries to eat him. The Panther must remain ever alert not to fall into a trap set by his maniacal adversary until Spring arrives.

Pink - The Pink Panther is drafted into the Army and happily reports to the induction center with his heart set on becoming a good soldier.

Unfortunately all of the Panther's efforts to please his officers backfire on his poor Sergeant who keeps ending up in the guard house because of the Panther's zany shenanigans.

Frustrated by the Pink Soldier's antics and unable to successfully get even with him the exasperated Sergeant gives into this sly private.

However in a sudden twist an excited Sergeant discovers that Panther has been transferred into the Navy. Carte Blanched - The Inspector has a hard time trying to return a supermarket trolley cart.

Pinkadilly Circus - The Pink Panther has a tack in his foot. When a passing pedestrian removes the tack the Panther becomes devoted to his rescuer.

The pedestrian cannot get rid of the Panther's maudlin presence and the Panther follows him home. The pedestrian finds the Panther a useful tool in keeping his wife and mother-in-law towing the line.

The wife fearing the Panther tries in vain to get rid of him. Finally it turns out that the shoe is on the other foot. Lucky Pink - A bank robber finds a horseshoe.

Thinking that it's good luck he puts it in his pocket and goes into a bank to rob it. He is immediately set upon by cops.

They chase him until he accidentally loses the horseshoe. Then he is able to make his escape. The Panther finds the horseshoe and brings it back to the crook.

As soon as he regains possession of the horseshoe he is again beset by the police. The crook continually tries to lose the horseshoe but the Panther consistantly brings it back to him.

Pink In The Clink - The Pink Panther helps a well-dressed man carry his heavy bag out of a railroad station and winds up hauling it for a very long time.

When they reach an industrial section of the city a shocked Panther discovers that the man is actually a burglar intent on robbing a factory and forces the Panther at gunpoint to assist him.

This is the burglar's first mistake. After the Panther bungles everything the burglar attempts to do; waking the watchdogs setting off burglar alarms and knocking over heavy machinery; the hapless burglar finds himself in the hands of the police.

When he faces the Panther again in prison the thief makes the fastest prison break on record. When Tex the cattleman finds the Panther's sheep eating the grass he shaves the critter and sends him home woolless.

The Panther reciprocates by building a fence which enrages the cattle baron. The cattleman's efforts to get rid of the Panther satirize many of the stock Western cliches.

All of these attempts backfire on the ruthless cattleman who in desperation finally telegraphs to Tombstone for gunslingers. Defeated in the end the cattleman enacts that old slogan If you can't beat 'em join 'em.

Realizing that there is a bomb in the package the Panther refuses to deliver it. The Panther is told to deliver the package by 12 o'clock or else.

The Panther's attempts to deliver the package are thwarted by a vicious watchdog. As the time draws near the Anarchist takes to threatening the Panther with a gun to the head.

Finally the Panther straps a rocket to his body and attempts to fly the package into the embassy. The rocket explodes and a parachute drops the package down a manhole.

The clock strikes 12 and the Anarchist standing on the manhole cover is blown onto the embassy grounds. Pinkcome Tax - A tax collector in pursuit of his coins runs into the Panther.

The Panther is merely being what he thinks is helpful to a neighbor that ended up in jail for not paying enough taxes.

Trick after trick ends with the guard in chase or with the Panther in the cell with his neighbor who didn't want to escape at all. The tax collector finally gets around to collecting fees from the Panther and as a result it is the guard's pleasure to lock him up.

Pink Pajamas - The clock strikes midnight and the Pink Panther realizing it's past his bedtime tries to get a bed at a local flophouse.

He is turned away but luckily finds the key to a nearby apartment. He goes to bed but is awakened when the inebriated resident returns home. When the drunk sees the Panther he thinks it's a liquor-induced hallucination and calls his AA sponsor.

His sponsor gathers all the alcohol in the house and throws it in the trash. While the two of them are celebrating with a glass of milk the Panther saunters through the house.

The two men run outside to collect the liquor they just discarded. Sique Sique Sique - Sgt. Deux-Deux becomes a Mr.

Hyde as the Inspector searches the home of a mad scientist. Pink Ice - In a lovely thick area of the forest is the unique home of the debonaire Pink Panther.

As he takes us on a tour of his home we find that he is a collector of jewels which he stocks at the next door DeBeer's Diamond Mine. He enters his vault and notices that a couple of gems are missing.

He goes to the mine to look for his jewels but the clumsy owners of the mine Deverex and Hoskins try to outwit the Panther in his search but manage to only get themselves in trouble.

The Panther cleverly induces a brawl between the men and while they are quarreling nonchalantly recovers his jewels and returns them to his vault.

Pickled Pink - Sitting pensively on a park bench the Pink Panther sadly realizes that people believe him to be a figment of their imagination because he is pink.

A drunk man staggers past and noticing the Panther's loneliness invites him back to his house. The Panther is subjected to a number of degredations as the drunk tries to hide the Panther from his disapproving wife.

Finally the wife throws her husband and the Panther out. As they walk down the dimly-lit street the Panther can be heard expounding on the irrationality of females while Panthers are so charming considerate and agreeable.

Ape Suzette - The Inspector tracks a gang of banana hijackers to an old English sailor and his pet ape. Pink Finger - Thoroughly intrigued with the thrilling spy story of Secret Agent the Pink Panther disguised as a dapper undercover man discovers two suspicious characters who leave no doubt that they are sinister spies.

Following them to their hideout the Panther tries to capture the villains with several shrewd plans but each scheme is fouled by the spies. Escaping from their hideout the spies leave for the train depot with the Panther in hot pursuit.

After a spine-tingling chase on the Orient Express the Panther observes one paricular spy getting off the train. Following him the Panther discovers that the spy inteds to dynamite an oncoming train.

Deftly Pinkfinger handles the dangerous situation by blowing up the train tunnel. When he tries to take it off his finger turns green. When he removes it from the sign the asterisk returns and makes the entire sign green but even worse turns HIM green.

The Panther swats the asterisk and starts to throw him away only to be interrupted by a giant asterisk. As the Panther is flying a plane with his Pink Punch sign trailing behind the green asterisk falls in love with the propeller and the two take off together leaving the Panther in a pinch.

Later the Panther again tries to introduce his Pink Punch but the sign and the color have been changed to Drink Green Punch.

Unsafe And Serene - The Inspector tracks a mysterious secret agent to various points around the world.

After rejuvinating an old man the Panther unwittingly sells a bottle of these vitamins to an escaped convict. Charged with super strength the convict robs a bank and eludes his the pursuing Panther.

The criminal soon runs out of pills and returns to get more from our hero. The crafty Panther secretly slips him anti-vitamins which having the opposite effect make the villian so weak he can't even open a door to escape.

Thus the Panther easily captures the robber and marches away a Big Hero. Proud of his achievement he goes to an outdoor concert to test his ability.

The conductor sees him and throws him out. He leads the orchestra in Beethoven's 5th Symphony but hears The Pink Panther coming from the violin section.

The Panther gets ejected again but finally wins when he shoots the conductor into outer space with a rocket-powered baton. The Panther finally leads the entire orchestra in a rendition of The Pink Panther theme.

A sparse applause indicates that there is only one person left but he seems to have enjoyed the performance immensely. Pink Outs - In this cartoon show the Pink Panther becomes involved in a series of unrelated sight gags each ending when the screen Pinks Out.

As an example we find our hero on the beach sunning himself on a beautiful summer day when he suddenly begins to sink into the sand and completely disappears.

In the next sequence we notice that the Panther is really at the bottom of a giant hour glass still in a very relaxed position and still basking in the warm sun as he was on the beach.

Then the screen Pinks Out and we are ready for another hilarious sequence featuring the one and only Pink Panther. Unlike previous television series and almost the entire theatrical run, the series was produced with the Panther capable of speaking throughout the episodes.

Voiced by Matt Frewer , he was given a humorous American accent in order to appeal to younger children, which was in sharp contrast to the sophisticated British accent supplied by impressionist Rich Little who voiced the Panther briefly in two cartoon shorts, Sink Pink and Pink Ice.

Alongside the Pink Panther, a number of his co-stars from the original theatrical shorts appear in the series, including: The Inspector , who the Panther assists in the guise of an American police officer; The Ant and the Aardvark , with John Byner reprising the role of both characters; The Dogfather and his henchdogs Pugg and Louie, who were redesigned for this series; The Muscle Man from the cartoon Come On In!

The series also featured new characters, including a mask-wearing tribal witch doctor named Voodoo Man, a little red-headed girl named Thelma , and a sweet old lady named Mrs.

Memorable moments include Clouseau pretending to be a telephone repairman and Dreyfus in the lunatic asylum. PG min Comedy, Crime.

Charles Dreyfus Herbert Lom , who has finally cracked over Inspector Jacques Clouseau's Peter Sellers' antics, escapes from a mental institution and launches an elaborate plan to get rid of Clouseau once and for all.

The most ridiculous but probably also the most fun Pink Panther movie. The story is refreshingly different and the first half of the film is hilarious.

The second half is not quite as good — too outrageous and not as funny. PG 99 min Comedy, Crime, Mystery. To prove that he still is strong and powerful, Philippe Douvier decides to kill Clouseau.

Once news of his "death" has been announced, Clouseau tries to take advantage of it and goes undercover with Cato to find out who tried to kill him.

Votes: 19, Peter Sellers puts on more disguises than any other film. There is more fun with botched assassination attempts on Clouseau and a lot of humour is created from Dreyfus thinking Clouseau is dead.

The closing act in Hong Kong is somewhat weaker than the rest of the film and is essentially just a long chase. Best moments: Clouseau returns to his home, which has been turned into a Chinese-themed brothel, and Clouseau defeats the ultra-tough Mr Chong.

Approved min Comedy, Crime, Romance. The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as "The Phantom" before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as "The Pink Panther".

More of a crime thriller than a comedy film. The costume party with the gorilla outfits and Clouseau dressed as a knight is perhaps the finest moment.

PG 96 min Comedy, Crime, Mystery. Greatly underrated. The first half is very entertaining and well put together with Herbert Lom providing lots of humour in the new footage and some amusing outtakes with Peter Sellers taken from previous films.

PG 93 min Adventure, Comedy, Crime.

Pink Panther Serie Categories : s Casino Wiesbaden Kleiderordnung animated television series American television series debuts American television series endings American children's animated adventure television series American children's animated comedy television series American children's animated fantasy television series American animated television spin-offs The Pink Panther cartoons television series Television series by MGM Television American animated television shows featuring anthropomorphic characters YTV TV channel original programming Television series by Darmstadt 98 Rb Leipzig Television Animated television series reboots. The Panther gets ejected again but finally wins when he shoots the conductor into outer space with a rocket-powered Pharaoh Tips And Tricks. Best of Warner Bros. Jeder Film ist etwa Schlag Den Star Sieger Minuten lang und wird mit dem Roulette Gewinn Regeln von Henry Mancini und einem eleganten, Zigarette rauchenden rosaroten Panther eingeleitet, wie er im ersten Filmvorspann zu sehen war. Benjamin Ballon's driver at a country estate. Main article: The Pink Panther 2.


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